The 14th BJIFF International Film and TV Equipment Exhibition
May 15, 2024 • By PHEON LUX


The 14th BJIFF International Film and TV Equipment Exhibition has come to a successful end, looking forward to the next gathering!

On 21st April, the 14th BJIFF International Film and TV Equipment Exhibition came to a successful end.

The theme of the exhibition is "Integration and Development of Independent Innovation and International Co-operation", and the event brought together more than 40 domestic and foreign film and television equipment enterprises.


At the exhibition, Huiguan Culture Technology brought a number of its products for display and exchange.

At the event site, our large-scale film and television luminaire Aurora Canopy F350C successfully attracted the attention of the peers at the site with its 3mx3m super-large format lamp body and excellent colour light performance.


 At the exhibition site, a number of film industry leaders visited our booth and showed great interest in our large-scale professional-grade film and television canopy F350C. They inquired in detail about the technical parameters of the canopy and application scenarios, etc., and spoke highly of our products and the R&D strength of our team.

In addition, our booth also welcomed many professional peers to experience and guide us. After understanding our latest series of products of full-colour inflatable lights, they expressed positive affirmation on the innovative design and practical performance of our products.


The exhibition not only demonstrated the independent innovation strength and latest achievements of China's film and television equipment industry, but also promoted the exchange and cooperation of film and television technology on a global scale.

Huiguan Culture Technology is honoured to exchange the latest R&D results and technology with major film and television equipment dealers, service providers, industry leaders and experts, practitioners, etc. We look forward to meeting with all industry colleagues again in the future!