BSC Expo 2024 concluded successfully with more than just walking, innovation and forward movement!
May 15, 2024 • By PHEON LUX

On 17th February, the two-day BSC Expo, Europe's premier international event for film and TV production equipment and technology, came to a successful end, gathering a large number of professional lighting engineers, directors of photography, producers and other film and TV industry professionals, which was a very meaningful experience for us. Let's take a look back at the wonderful moments on the show floor!


Exhibition Facts

At the BSC, Huiguan brought along its latest large-scale film and television luminaire, the Aurora Canopy F350C, as well as its much-loved and highly regarded full-colour inflatable light series.


During the exhibition, our booth attracted many film and television professionals to consult, they showed great interest in our lighting equipment and technology and innovative ideas; at the same time, we also got a lot of affirmation and recognition from Germany, Austria, Italy and other countries of some new customers, and have taken pictures.


Exhibit Experience

At the booth, the first thing that caught our eyes was our Aurora F350C, with its large format design and excellent colour light performance and colour fidelity, which instantly attracted the attention of many attendees. Some of the attendees were very impressed with the performance of the product after hands-on experience.


In addition, our "star product", the inflatable lamp, also had an outstanding performance.

The full-colour inflatable light adopts RGBWW lamp bead design and arrangement, with accurate colour and stable performance; the excellent soft light effect and lightweight feel were praised by many attendees. At the exhibition site, there was an endless stream of attendees who stopped by, and through the introduction of the staff at the site, the attendees also gained a deeper understanding of the performance and application of the products.


Exhibition Summary

In addition to displaying our products, we also actively interacted with other exhibitors and attendees to meet new friends and liaise with old ones. During the exhibition, we also learnt valuable experience from various parties and established friendly relationship with industry colleagues.


All in all, we had a very fruitful show, and at the same time, we felt more deeply the vitality and potential of the industry, which inspired us to remain enthusiastic and professional, and to keep striving to innovate and provide better lighting products for the film and TV industry!